Makeup baby

So I have not been feeling well, on top of that my hubby has been out of town so there has been no one to take pics of my outfits. So I have been MIA lately. So I decided to do something else. So I love makeup. I don't have a whole lot of time during the work week to really doll up. I am up at 4:30-5:00 every morning and I don't know about you but I don't have the energy that early to really do my makeup. The weekends are really the only days I have to myself and I can really doll up. Girls have their ways set with makeup. There are products we all love and hate. I am going to show you the products I absolutely love. And yes most will be Avon. I love Avon, they are affordable, they don't test on animals, and I am not allergic to it. I am so allergic to everything. Like Urban Decays eye primer...I love that stuff but it makes my eyes super puffy. I was so sad.

Now Urban Decays all night is amazing!!! I am not allergic to this baby, and it really keeps your makeup on. I used this for my wedding and my makeup survived dancing, and the heat. We got married in October and it was seriously one of the hottest days! It is a little expensive, I got it at ulta for like $36.00 and I had a coupon. 

Now this is not at all as good as urban decay. It does not hold up as well. And it kind of dries out your skin.

Beyond and Natural is amazing I got it on amazon for like $2.00. It gives you that dewy look. 

I have really dark veins under both my eyes so it looks like I have not slept in a year. This little baby helps wake my skin up and makes my eyes not as puffy. I totally love this stuff.

Three concealers I love. Elf in the lightest shade they have, because I am a fair skinned young lady. I got this at the grocery store for $3.25 or maybe even cheaper. The Maybelline's pretty good, a little more expensive I think like $5.00. The brush tip makes the application go on smoothly. The last one is the Avon concealing stick. And by far it is my favorite!! I do not know the real price because I am one of the lucky girls who get a nice fat discount :) I think it is about $4.00.

The Avon matte mousse is amazing. It leaves a nice finish without drying out your skin. It is so light and fluffy . I believe this jar is around $7.00. The next is the extra lasting foundation by Avon. I love the color it matches me perfectly. If you are fair skinned you know how hard it is to find a matching shade. Maybelline Dream Nude Air foam is a little to dark for me but I use it to contour and I love how soft it goes on and how nice it makes my skin look.

Avon blush in heavenly pink is the only blush I can use without it looking hookerish. I love how long their blush lasts. And this is the lightest bronzer Avon makes. I use it to contour. And it smells so fresh!

This is the Avons version of smooth mineral powder. I use it to set my foundation. It makes it sparkle and smooths out my skin.

Four of my buddies :). The super shock, the super extendz, super shock max and super full.
They all have big brushes except the super full, that I use for my bottom lashes. I love the mascaras.
I also love the extra lasting mascara.

The super extend eyeliner is a liquid pen, the super lasting eyeliner is a liquid with a brush tip applicator, the Avon super shock gel, and the water proof crayon. Depending on how dry or greasy my face is depends on which one I use. When I have dry skin I use the moist products, when I am greasy I have to use the extra lasting liquid liner. So it survives the day. 

And that is that people.