So I am an avid Youtube fan, and I like to browse for makeup tips and all that jazz. I came across a channel that I am in love with. She is super cute, super funny and she is pale with red I can use a lot of her tips. It is really hard to find pale people tutorials that are not...Gothic looking. It is superbeautynerd if you want to look her up. So one day I was watching her tutorial and she was showing off a glossybox. And she discussed everything about it. So I looked it up on the web and she is in the UK so they have had glossybox for a while..and they released it to the US not to long ago. So I looked up prices and it is really not bad. Twenty one bucks a month for a box of five high end beauty products. Not bad so my husband signed me up for our anniversary. And I love it. I got my first box last night and it is super cute. I love love love love love it. Thanks Glossybox!

This is the super cute pink box. It is really think so it can be used to store stuff or for gifts. It is super cute.

Here is the inside it comes with a card describing each one of the products and the price.

Here are the goodies!! YAY!

Koh Gen Do- Cleansing Spa Water. Made with mineral-rich Japanese hot spring water, the best selling spa water is infused with six essential herbs to protect and nurture skin. In a single sweep, it gently removes makeup and skins toughest impurities.  This is the full size and it is $13.00 a bottle.  I used it last night an this morning and it is pretty amazing. And it helps your makeup go on smoothly. I love this thing.

GKHair- Moisturizing Shampoo. Nourished with plant extracts, this superior smoothing shampoo will purify and moisturize the scalp and hair.
GKHair Moisturizing Conditioner. This gentle moisturizing conditioner puts the finishing touch on your tresses and leaves your hair smooth, radiant and revitalized.
For 10.01 it is $20.00 each.
I used this last night it smells really good and clean. I didn't notice any difference, but I will use it more to see.

Kryolan for Glossybox- Moisture rich lipstick in Glossy pink
Treat your lips to a creamy, long lasting lipstick enriched in Vitamin E to stimulate and hydrate your lips. The perfect pop of Glossy pink to compliment all skin tones and lifestyles. 
Ok so if you know Kryolan you know they are known for stage makeup so I was really excited to see that as part of my box. It is a really pretty shade of pink. I love it but what I do not love it for this stick is $14.00 Sorry but I am cheap when it comes to lipstick...that is a bit much for me to pay for lipstick sorry.

Missha-M Perfect cover BB cream SPF 42. Hailing from Korea, this Blemish Balm, also known as BB cream is a multi tasking powerhouse for the face. This multi use cream provides light coverage, soothes, protects, and moisturizes. Suitable for all skin types
Problem...Glossybox has you fill out a beauty profile in it, they asked me my skin tone..I put down ivory/pale the foundation I was beige. What was the point of filling out that profile if they don't use it for your products? But needless to say I can use this for contouring my cheeks. It is actually pretty awesome stuff. The not so awesome part is the price for 1.69 oz it is $29.99 
I will never pay that for foundation. I pay $7.00 for foundation from Avon that is amazing so ya.

So that is Septembers Glossybox. I am super excited about having these products. I love trying new things!!