Giddy up!!

So I found these leggings from another blogger, and I purchased them right after I saw them. They are so cute. Plus I had a 20% off code so I got them even cheaper :) yay. I love the equestrian look that is becoming more and more popular. I love the riding boots ant the riding leggings. I apologize for the lack of outfits. This has been a week of hell, and I have been sick. But it is all getting so much better :). Last night we watched the BYU vs. Boise game. What an interesting game! I hate BYU. Sorry I don't mean to offend but it is just my opinion. The game was terrible. The score ended to be 6 to 7 Boise won. I just don't understand some of the plays and why the coaches made them...Like in the last plays BYU could have kicked a field goal and tied the game but they tried for a two point to win by one and they didn't make it and lost. Probably not a wise call. And the BYU quarterback was absolutely struggling. I think there was like 6 turnovers in that game. He got benched, much like Heaps did last year. How quickly they fall. He was a pretty decent QB I don't know what happened. I am glad Boise won. They're field is so obnoxiously blue, so it was a hard game to watch and not get a headache. But anyway I love this outfits I love leggings. They are cute, comfy, and affordable. I got another pair that I want to show you they are cute!

Undershirt: Wetseal
Button Up: Boys Rue21
Leggings: Forever 21
Earrings: Rue21
Necklace: Rue21
Bracelets: Rue21
And did you see a new pair of glasses so I know have 2 pairs finally!
Let's hope these ones survive as long as the others have. Maybe my luck is changing with glasses :)
Have a good day people. Utes play Arizona Saturday!!!