Down, Rainy, Comfy

So I do not want to be anyone that I am not. I am not going to dress in 6 inch stilettos and a dress for the sake of this blog. I was not feeling like spending a lot of time working on my wardrobe. I was in a hurry today, I am starting to work out again and I wanted to cook a healthy meal tonight so the out fit is quick and comfortable. To some you may say hey her shoes don't match. But I was the girl in fashion class that always had the weird outfits. I love using compliment colors, or off colors. I do not like matchy matchy. I like mixing colors. So with my greenish shirt I am wearing a dusty rose colored flat. I like stuff like that. You may not. And that is ok because whatever you wear and feel good in that is style. And we all have our own. I was color blocking wayyyyy before it was cool this season. But I have always liked that. Color blocking was in clear back when my mom was growing up. Fashion goes in cycles, but if you like it and you feel good in it..own it and don't let anyone tell you any different. Your style is an expression of you and your feelings. So when you see an ugly outfit...someone somewhere out there feels good in that outfit. Be nice :)

Shoes: Forever Young ( gifted by my friend Sarah, these were her bridesmaid shoes) and I love them
Jeans: Rue21
Shirt: Wetseal
Jacket: 5-7-9
I didn't want to wear jewelry today...just wasn't feeling it :)