Biker Leggings

So I love Forever 21! They have the cutest leggings. I found these babies and wanted them in like a camo green color. But those were sold out. So I got them in charcol. And I was a little worried because pale red heads and any form of grey totally wash us out. But this is the ride shade with enough to balance it out. I love this outfit. It is so freaking comfy, I feel cute in it. I am becomming a huge fan of leggings.  I felt very bikerish today. I have been raised with bikes my whole life. My Dad owned one a while back and owns one now. He is in a motorcycle club that does charity work. And I just love the looks of the biker gear. Minus the real leather, but I don't judge I just will find a cute alternative in faux leather. My brother is a motorcycle club and owns a bike as well. My husband is obssessed with them, and we are saving for a house, then a bike lol. Nothing pleases a man like a Harley in the garage.
Today is game day. Utes play ASU today! They kicked our butts last year on our home turf. So hopefully we can return the favor. But they have been looking pretty solid. And we are a roller coaster team. We are good then bad then good then ok. So hopefully we bring our A game. :)

Meeko wanted to be in the pics. Cute little guy!!

Undershirt: Head over Heels
Button Up: Hubbies from Van Hausen
Leggings: Forever 21
Earrings: Rue21
Necklace: Rue21
Boots: Bass
Jacket: Ross
Sunglasses: Rue21
Bracelet Cuff: Rue21