Sunday outfit

Well getting up this morning was quite hard. All I have wanted to do lately is sleep. We walked around a lot in the heat yesterday. Bleh..I am getting so old!!
Skirt: Head Over Heels
Shirt: Rue 21
Shoes:Rue 21
Necklace: Rue 21
Earrings: haha I sound like a broken record Rue 21
My sister works at Rue 21 can you tell :)
Oh and my weird hair do...So I am a huge fan of the 20's and being the Pinterest Addict that I am I found a cute girl who took a headband and tucked all her hair into it. It is super easy, and I was super lazy this morning it literally takes like 2 minutes to do. My hair is getting so long and it's taking me a long time to do it in the morning :/